You can see the list here, and the announcement (upper left)

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cheap jordans shoes Nut Pilferers AnonymousCops with a sense of humor is a real cheap jordans on amazon thing sometimes. I occasionally browse through the Irish police Twitter accountAn Garda Sochna(I not going to try to explain how to pronounce it, just say Guards cheap but real jordans because it can be damn funny on an otherwise gloomy morning when you are stuck in traffic.It seems that in Michigan, they have a sense of humor too.The PuffleHo reports that around $128,000.00 of nuts have been stolen and the Shelby Township Police Department used this in their post to ask for public assistance.I bet the real criminal won be nearly as whiskery.[Theft victim Chris] would like to be cheap womens jordans size 9.5 able to circulate his posters so aspiring captains can avail themselves of his offer and we would like to circulate our presence so a suspect can avail themselves of the right to free and independent legal advice that comes with an interview under caution.If you know the whereabouts of Chris’s boxes of posters (pictured) or who has them please let us know at St Mary’s Police Station. If the prospect of speaking with us is more than you can bear then call Crimstoppers on 0800 555111 cheap jordans shoes.